d’Z – Featured Artist

d'Z is Hans-Peter de Zeeuwd’Z is Hans-Peter de Zeeuw, an artist from the Netherlands. Ok, yea, we’ve never featured or even had an artist from the Netherlands in the past and may not again in the near future (just speculating), however this is a special moment because we have found an awesome dude in Hans-Peter! d’Z is quite an amazing drummer but he’s only recently dove into the world of writing his own music.

d’Z – Featured Artist

d’Z’s music is perfect for the fan of jazz, funk and groove. d’Z is proving that he’s in it to win it, not only by the quality of music he’s putting out but also the fact that he was willing to stay until 4am local time to have an interview with us! d’Z is based in Holland which isn’t necessarily known for its music scene, but maybe now it will be much more! Hans-Peter said he hadn’t spoken a word of English for months, so check out the video interview below to see how well he caught up…

I personally love the music of d’Z. Just because I ask someone to be a featured artist on the show doesn’t necessarily always mean that I am in love with their music. I pick featured artists on a range of criteria, but in the case of d’Z it was an easy choice! Even if a music fan isn’t into the genre that d’Z is creating, most listeners will be amazed at the sheer musicianship involved. You see, d’Z is the songwriter but he’s also the drummer, and he’s able to put together a cast of musicians to get his songs out the best way possible, and it’s working!

I hope we will be hearing music from d’Z for years to come. I’m interested to know what YOU think about his music! Get in touch with me on social media and let me know. Also, let d’Z know that you heard his music here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres!

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