Ed Roman – Red Omen – Review

Ed RomanHey, this Ed Roman guy is pretty good! Well, you may not have heard of him yet but we have! If you’re into self sufficient musical dudes that sound great and lean towards the rock ‘n roll side of music then listen up. You’re in the mood for some Ed Roman!

Ed Roman – Red Omen

The single “Red Omen” has so much energy I can’t help but bop around when I’m listening to it. Seriously, the instrumentation is spot on and even the production is really grand. I’ve heard Ed’s music before and I’ve always been impressed. Fans of Dave Matthews will realllly enjoy his music. One of my favorite things about this tune is how the dynamic builds throughout the song.

All the way from the intro with brush drums through later in the song when he really opens up vocally, this song is just fun! Honestly I don’t have any negative critique about this song. If I had to say anything, the mix is a bit muddy in some spots mostly between the bass and drums. I can hear the bass lickin’ around but I can’t hear all the notes as they get buried in the mix. Other than that, this song is great!

I’m excited to hear what Ed comes up with next. I’m not well versed in the Canadian music scene, but from what I have seen and heard it seems to be full of quality musicians and growing. I hope Ed Roman gets a piece of the pie up there. I’m sure that with the strength of his music he probably has fans worldwide, or at least will soon. From studio musician, live performer and engineer, to songwriter and teacher, Ed Roman seems to being doing just fine!

I’m curious to know what YOU think of Ed Roman. Also, if you like his music then hit Ed Roman up on social media and let him know that you heard it here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres from all over the world!

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