Elizmi – Foreign To Me – Review

ElizmiPreviously reviewed artist Elizmi Haze, now going by just Elizmi, hails from the UK. With a long list of releases and accolades, it’s become quite clear that the pop singer/songwriter is a force to be reckoned with. Her latest song “Foreign To Me” continues this streak of badass music from a badass artist.

Elizmi – Foreign To Me

“Foreign To Me” opens with spacey, swirling guitar chords, setting the tone right out of the gate. As the beat drops, Elizmi’s sultry vocals join the mix, instantly hooking the listener with her tone and lyrics. She begins the song with: “It’s like I got a magnet / they’re coming at me / I don’t even know why / why I attract it / I got good intentions”, establishing the topic and mood. The production is sparse yet huge; the number of instruments is limited but each has been tweaked to its maximum potential. This not only allows the individual parts to stand out, but also emphasizes the space in-between the parts, giving the listener a full and lush sonic landscape, despite having fewer elements.

Lyrically Haze continues to discuss her tribulations with “bad boys”, detailing the struggle of gaining enough self-confidence to reject bad influences. As the verse continues, tension builds up through the pre-chorus, which ends with Elizmi singing “But I can’t help / but let you in / I wanna see if you are not like them”, a signal that despite having been hurt before, she’s willing to try again with someone new. This drives home the gamble involved in falling for someone – it can either pay enormous dividends, or leave you emotional broke. The tension is finally released with the arrival of the chorus, as Haze describes experiencing never-before felt emotions for another, encapsulated in the eventual refrain of the song title.

“Foreign To Me” follows a standard verse/chorus/verse/chorus format for the first half of the song. The emotion is elevated in the second verse, allowing for some linear growth. The chorus comes back in bigger and with more power, with the halting hi-hat rhythms amplifying the unsure nature of the lyrics. Elizmi’s lyrical topic is bound to resonate; most people can probably relate to the idea of approaching a new crush with trepidation as a result of having been hurt before, while still being excited with a fresh fling.

As the bridge arrives the beat disappears, leaving only vocals and guitar suspended in space, sonically imparting the vulnerability in Haze’s lyrics. Her dilemma is detailed further as she sings “Are you legit? / I can not tell / I don’t even know you well / Well I’m about to find out / is it Heaven or Hell?” The music crescendos as the chorus returns for a final run, with Elizmi’s emotions at a fever pitch. The raw emotion and power of this track will be sure to slay any listener, further evidence of the dynamic talent in this bright young star.

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