Elizmi Haze – Featured Artist

Elizmi Haze

Elizmi Haze is a talented young lady from the UK. She is all of 18 years old and has been writing songs for only 4 years. There is something truly special about this featured artist and we’re proud to have her!

Elizmi started writing music at the age of 14. She says her “mother bought her a computer with loads of space and loads of software” so that she could start writing her own music. She says at first it was just for fun, but then it got serious.

Elizmi Haze

It appears to have gotten serious rather quickly. Seasoned songwriters and musicians will tell you it takes time and patience to perfect one’s craft. Elizmi is WAY ahead of the game however. She recently signed a deal with a small label based in UK as well called Deevu.

Elizmi says she has only received a minimal amount of formal training this past year as she entered college. She doesn’t plan on much more in the near future but doesn’t rule it out. I asked her if she was going to release an album in the near future since she has recently released 2 singles, “Tallest Hill” and “Shine”. She says she plans to only release singles for a bit, much to my disappointment! Hey, at least we know we’ll be getting new music from her in the future.

In our recent Facebook Live Broadcast¬†co-owner of Indie Music Plus David Werba¬†questioned on what she would sound like in the future. He had intense interest in which direction she will take. I must say, I do too. Such a young, raw talent untouched by the “industry” makes it hard to decipher which way they will go. After all our music taste changes about as much as we do, it’s a constant.

We are excited to have this amazing young talent as a featured artist! Please catch up with her on social media. Elizmi Haze is particularly fond of Twitter and responds to everyone as she says, “it’s on the daily”.

As always thank you for reading about amazing indie music right here on Indie Music Plus, and as always SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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