Elizmi Haze – Magical – Review

Elizmi Haze - MagicalElizmi Haze is a quickly emerging standout artist with unparalleled determination and a voice that embodies a mix of Motown soul and hip-hop. Hailing from Isle of Sheppey, Kent, Haze has celebrated a number of single releases and expanded her audience to an international level since she started writing music at age 11 for fun. Now at only 21 years old, Haze has developed her music into something much more fully realized than the passionate hobby it used to be.

Elizmi Haze – Magical

Haze received a minimal amount of formal training while studying Musical Theatre at a college in Canterbury, Kent. The first tracks she ever wrote were along the style of EDM. But after finding out she is a pretty good rapper, her sound has become a blend of dark electronic Urban Pop mixed with R&B, trap, and hip-hop. “Magical,” one of many new tracks by Haze to be dropped this year via DeeVu Records, is a love song that explains the reality of what past relationships can bring into a new relationship.

“Magical” begins with a crisp staccato guitar rhythm that’s quickly embellished by ethereally heavy trap-hop backing beats with electronic waves washing across the atmospheric background. Haze’s lyrics are conversational and inspirational, sending a message of love lost but continuing on with self-love and a ray of hope. Elizmi sings with a palpable energy that seeps out of the recording as if the stage is right in front of you, with a worldly scratch to her vibrato that closely resembles Rihanna. The electronic backing beats re-materialize into bright harmonies in the chorus, and a cosmically Theremin-sounding solo occurs towards the end of the bridge that effectively skyrockets back into the final chorus. Each chorus offers a nice breath of lyrical fresh air and spatial awareness compared to the verses, which feature a more fast-moving, heavy lyric flow.

Haze is great about building momentum from verses to choruses, giving the listener a sense of resolution with very catchy melodies in the hook. She uses a natural repetition of words in her lyrics, as if they are being said in a real conversation to provide emphasis on the most important points in her message. “Magical” is an explosive love ballad with a motivational message that, while some things in life can be gotten past, they’re often better left in the past. Elizmi Haze pours velvet droplets of sound into a pool electronic trap-hop.

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