Emma G – Featured Artist

Emma G - Featured ArtistEmma G is a folk artist living and playing in Washington D.C. but she’s originally from New Zealand. Recently we had her as a featured artist and we learned all about this bright and extremely talented young artist. Watch the video below for the whole story! Emma is probably one of the more animated artists we’ve had on the show so you’ll definitely enjoy!

Emma G – Featured Artist

When we talked to Emma she was gearing up for a national tour and she called it the “Super Hero” tour. Her video for the single is featured in the show and then she expands on her life as a musician living in D.C. Fans of the chic alternative rock thing are going to love Emma. The story behind “Super Hero” is that Emma thinks that anyone, through love and compassion, can find their own Super Hero. She says that she sort of modeled the song after TV shows that model the super hero and focuses more on the driving forces behind being a super hero such as being a good person, making the right choices, etc…

Not only is Emma musician but she’s also an avid runner and has a great story about running New Zealand in the Deeper w/ Dave segment. She eventually made it to D.C. around 2015 after landing a job as a hike instructor and some other off topic jobs, basically she ended up in D.C. and there she stays!

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