EyE-C – “E” – Review

EyE-C - "E"Eye-C is a duo making some interesting music based out of Ft. Wayne, IN. Are you into weird stuff? Then this may be your new favorite band! These two guys are pushing the boundaries of music and you may need to put your helmet on before we start. Got it on? Good, here we go.

EyE-C – “E”

I was immediately interested in these guys because I grew up in northern Indiana in the ’80s and ’90s. I would go to Ft. Wayne frequently so I was curious to see what kind of music was coming out of there lately. Well, I’m sure these guys are the norm, but they’re definitely interesting and really good, if you’re into space music.

The EyE-C duo describe their music as “cinematic” and I don’t disagree. If you’re looking for an album to bob your head to this probably isn’t it. If you’re looking for real creativity and are willing to listen for a while, then you are reading the right review.

The concept of the album “E” is told from the “viewpoint of an extraterrestrial” that sees the world differently. With that being understood the listener should proceed with an open mind. Like I eluded to earlier, EyE-C probably won’t be on Top 40 radio anytime soon, however, they have already found their niche and I think it’s working for them.

Even though the project is quite different than the norm, there is an artistic cohesiveness throughout. I’m a huge fan of this genre of music and can appreciate the experimentation. Regular old music can get boring. DJ Fathouse really thinks outside the box with his productions that drive the majority of the album. Neo-soul vocalist & poet That Guy adds sparse rhythmic vocals sparsely that add to the atmosphere of the production rather than hinder. It’s nice to have a good chunk of the music be instrumental and have the vocals sprinkled throughout. These guys really remind me of The Art Of Noise in some spots.

I have to admit, I haven’t been able to digest the 19 tracks as much as I would like, but I feel like I have a good handle on what the group is doing. One of the highlights for me includes “disguisE”. It has some strange but recognizable hooks that not everyone will be able to grab onto, but EyE-C isn’t for your average listener.

Whatever you do (well, only if you’re adventurous) don’t do acid while listening to “trappEd.” You may not come back! Let’s just say it’s trippy. It’s groovy enough to stay interested with enough strangeness to keep even the most experienced experimental listener on edge.

One tune that I just can’t get into is “monEy.” It’s groovy and I like the vibe, but the bass and the instruments simply aren’t in tune with each other. I understand the experimental nature of the music, but my ears just can’t get past the reality. Tune up the instruments and I’m in on this one.

So, overall I would say try these guys out if you’re into the super experimental. I enjoy their sense of adventure when it comes to being creative and I hope they keep going. For me, if they could somehow combine elements of the adventure and experimental side with more of a hook driven, dare I say poppy side, I think it could possibly go somewhere with the masses. I encourage these two dudes to keep following their hearts and making the music they think they should be making.

I encourage you to get in touch with EyE-C on social media and let them know what YOU think of their music. Let them know you heard it here first on Indie Music Plus. As always, thank you for reading and keep supporting indie music!

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