FaB (Fitzsimon and Brogan) – Girl In A Gilded Cage – Review

Fitzsimon and BroganBritish duo Fitzsimon & Brogan has a superb new single on their hands. Entitled “Girl in a Gilded Cage”; the track is a time-bending journey that blends multiple genres into a beautiful and unique sound.

FaB (Fitzsimon and Brogan) – Girl In A Gilded Cage

Made up of songwriter/guitarist Neil Fitzsimon and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Bee Brogan, the UK duo has been active for some time. Having previously lived the touring life in an indie band, the musical partnership between the two blossomed after moving in a studio-based direction. After multiple licensing placements and awards, their latest release is a shining example of the bond they have forged over the years.

“Girl in a Gilded Cage” begins with a hail of guitar-simulated machine gun fire. The lyrics enter quickly, discussing the impermanence of youth. As the song moves seamlessly through various sections, the duo blends genres without effort. New Wave, Garage Rock, and even Bangles-esque early 90’s pop sounds all coalesce together marvelously. It works as well today as it would in 1993 or 1979. The energetic verse and pre-chorus give way to a half-time chorus, with Brogan singing: “Tainted, yeah, she was tainted, tainted”, discussing the corruption of the heroine protagonist. With a flash the music moves back through another verse/pre-chorus/chorus trifecta, all the while building energy.

Suddenly the harmony changes and arrives at a stop-time bridge, complete with baroque harpsichord. Brogan sings “With the faintest trace of a smile on your lips / telling tales of all those you’ve kissed / they don’t exist”, effective wordplay to illustrate sexual promiscuity as a means of conquest over strangers, a variation of the proverbial “notch in the belt”.  The chorus returns as a transition out of the bridge, augmented by tom-toms, and the song flows into a dexterous guitar solo complete with Elliot Easton vibes.

The song moves through another pre-chorus, chorus, and ends on an energetic repetition of the verse, again a clever arranging device. While the duo makes great use of arranging in terms of structure, there is a straightforward element to the song that works as a double-edged sword. More variety and instrumental arranging could have mixed things up a bit sonically. However, the song does not suffer from this aspect, it is still a great listening experience.

After so much time together, it’s easy to see why Fitzsimon & Brogan produce the quality of music that they do. “Girl in a Gilded Cage” is an infectious and utterly fun listen, exactly what we’d expect from such a seasoned musical partnership.

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