Fantomex – Featured Artist

FantomexFantomex is a very interesting and unique “post-hardcore” from North Carolina. We got to hang out with a Isaac and Abigail of the group, and they told us what they’re all about. We checked out the song “Martha’s Favorite Color” which is about a fight within oneself having to do with the religion you were raised with.  I personally grew up on this genre of music and we don’t see many bands with such a edgy punk sound…so they are, to me, a breath of indie fresh air!

Fantomex – Featured Artist

I love how the band is strutting the true indie look while in the video, and most of the takes look like their own apartments, houses, bathrooms…but also their sound. If you didn’t have a trained hardcore ear you might think they sound like Fugazi. Well, you’re right but it’s so much more defined than that. The band obviously has many more influences than that, and I would even venture to say that maybe Courtney Love or even Blondie is heard in there as well. Abigail’s vocals make the entire sound for me honestly. The music and the musicians are great, don’t get me wrong, but her raw pissed off girl vocals are just great! I’m feelin’ it!

Post-hardcore…so what is it? Isaac says for whatever reason he has always been into the sound ever since he picked up the guitar. This particular style of music appeals to a certain type of fan, and Dave and Isaac talk that over – the challenge of listening to this style of music. It’s not mainstream and it doesn’t flow with your heart “rhythms” so to speak. Dave is getting deep in this interview here guys! You’ve really got to watch to understand, I don’t! LOL!

So, in short, you just have to check out Fantomex. They have a great sound and may not necessarily be hitting the mainstream anytime soon, but they are one of those bands that if they find a way into your music collection they’ll probably stay there for a long time.

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