Feathers, Wood ‘N’ String – Review

The married duo, Feathers Wood ‘N’ String shoots straight from the hip. The married couple, Sarah and Lloyd, are self proclaimed as an “Alternative rock duo playing hard-hitting upbeat tracks fused with meaningful melodic lyrics.” Hailing from Australia, they currently reside in the UK.

Feathers Wood ‘N’ String

Upon listening to their track “Rose for Nothing” there is a distinct tone to their music. Sarah has a subdued Siouxie sound while Lloyd winds it up on his guitar that he refers to as “bluey”. Musically this song was written as a “quintessential example of what I was going for in rhythmic riffs”.  Lloyd believes this is the first song where he thinks he “really nailed mixing Sarah’s vocals”. He looked up how to do it on a YouTube video. (Oh the power of YouTube to give us new musical sensations) Her voice does resonate with gossamer fluidity on this track. “Rose for Nothing” is their favorite to play live. Sarah believes it is “really about someone else helping you to remember who you want to be and what you want to do with your life.”

The opening on “Constructs” is reminiscent of “Black” by Pearl Jam. There is a 90s punkish rocking vibe to this song. The lyrics are elegant in an unusual way. “You can dress yourself up for the party. Better make sure that you toe the line.”

“Lifeline” hints at possibilities. Sarah’s voice soars. Lloyd’s brash opening guitar solo sets the tone for this track that shimmies between rock and alternative. There is lack of complete distinction between alternative and rocking sounds which works for this duo as they move between genres. Sometimes the effort isn’t completely seamless which is something that makes Feathers Wood ‘N’ String interesting as a duo.

There is definitely a millennial feel to this band. A duo trying to figure out what life is throwing at them. It is obvious they are deep thinkers. Self proclaimed “nerds”, which is endearing, they seem to have a deeper handle on the issues that are life. The renegade guitar playing is a standout. Sometimes Sarah’s crystalline voice gets lost under the guitar sounds. While it is a duo, perhaps the addition of a bass and drum line might soften the edges. Sometimes like on “Construct”, it gets a bit tinny. But the message is resplendent. Aren’t all our worries in life mostly just things humans made up?” 

The duo is very engaging on their Facebook page too. They post videos that show they are regular people who happen to be married and in a rock band. It is a testament to the DIY manner that abounds in the musical circle now. They are clearly enthusiastic about their brand of music. A refreshing blend of “I got this” but I am still learning.

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