Featured Artist – Beith

This week’s featured artist is Beith!! Like east coast hip hop? You’re in the right place this week. Beith’s bio is very impressive and we are excited to have him as the feature! Take a moment and read more to find out about this up and coming versatile rapper who has recorded over 500 songs!! At the ripe age of 25 years old this rapper has been doing it since he was 3.

An early introduction to the hip hop scene by his father had him recording by the age of 12.  hrough some early life troubles Beith has used music as his way to escape the boundaries he was trapped in and made music his full time gig. Not afraid to network, Beith can be heard collabing with fellow artists frequently.

Influences include 2pac, Lil Wayne, Eminem, KRS One and Jay Z to name a few.  His new project “Life Of A Hustla” is available on Amazon.  If you’re not a fan of Beith yet, you will be.

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