Featured Artist – Jul Big Green

Jul Big Green

This weeks featured artist Jul Big Green will make you want to kick back and relax all while bobbing your head slightly. This is definitely my kind of music. With music today being all about sex, hooking up, sex and hooking up, oh and guns(.) it’s nice to hear something different and positive!! I’ll let Mr. Green tell it like it is…

“Positive, Out of the box, thought provoking and always pushing the limits of crossing genres has always been a mission throughout my musical journey. Styles ranging from Indie Pop, Hip-Hop, and Jazzy Acoustic. Over these past few years it’s been hard to find a balance between all these styles and having a unique sound, because if I spread my music too thin I’ll be all over the place and I’ll fail from doing too much. But on the other hand if I keep it too simplistic then I’ll sound like everyone else. Although I have various different sounds I feel as though I’ve developed a certain sound that will give familiarity no matter what style I may be playing.” – Jul Big Green

There you have it! Another amazing featured artist here on the Indie Music Plus network! I personally love this dude and the vibe he brings with his music!! What do you think? Now hit play on some media below and check out Jul Big Green!


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