Featured Artist – King Bizzie

King BizzyIf you haven’t heard of King Bizzie let me just say you are falling behind the curve!!  With honest, heartfelt lyrics King Bizzie is making a major stamp with his new project “AlphaManiac”. If you are a true hip hop fan, this is definitely a guy to keep on eye on. A rapper with something to say he lives by the motto, ” Life’s too short to be complaining all the time.”

Now that’s the kind of positive vibes we want hanging around our website!  King Bizzie’s lyrics supports his motto I must say.  We have been enjoying his inspiring vibe in the office now for days!

In the near future, King Bizzie will be releasing a few mixtapes and videos for his recently completed debut Album AlphaManiac! If you like Rap with all heat and bars of pain, life lessons, trials and tribulations, King Bizzie will be the cause of you being on the edge of your seat.



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