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Last Wordbender

Every week we feature an up and coming indie music artist. The Last Wordbender has been patiently awaiting his turn and the time has come. The Last Wordbender is an emcee and spoken word artist hailing from Rockford, IL. He’s one of our top alternative hip hop artists, and we are very excited to have such an amazing talent on our website! He prides himself on using top notch lyricism to entertain and provoke thought.

Having just released a brand new single “Wild Horses”, Wordbender is psyched and ready for some action. Wordbender’s debut project The B-Side Love Songs, is a collaboration with producer and fellow Rockford native DJ Brickrock. This MC sticks out to me because of his song “Now Is The Time 4 Me.”  His new single is excellent as well but I really dig “Now Is The Time 4 Me.” A smooth, dance-able beat provides plenty of space for him to flow over and also includes a perfectly placed sax sample/hook. 

The Last Wordbender – Alternative Hip Hop Artist

If you check out his video below of “Now Is The Time 4 Me” you will see a hardworking MC that is upping his game every step of the way. We all must start somewhere.

What I really like about DJustin McFly (as he’s called) is his lyrical approach. Simple but always challenging the listener to think beyond the box of the typical hip hop mantra. The beats provided by DJ Brickrock are second to none as well always providing a solid beat and a catchy hook. I would venture to say that Wordbender is fairly young by the looks of his picture which means he’s exactly where he needs to be with a debut album.

Keep your eyes peeled for this up and coming talent and if you like him please support him. Let us know what you think on social media. Connect with The Last WordBender below by clicking on the social icons AND VISITING HIS WEBSITE BY CLICKING HERE

That’s it for this feature. Think your music has what it takes to be accepted as one of our weekly featured artists? Submit your music on the “Submit Music” page. Keep making great music!


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