Featured Artist – Sinoptik


Every so often there is a band that I “crack out” on. Enter Sinoptik. If music were a drug I would have overdosed a long time ago. I am always thankful when great new music enters my life. Especially when it’s as amazing as Sinoptik! As a professional musician, engineer and avid listener of music I like just about every genre. What I really like is when musical styles and genres mix and match to form exciting new music. This is exactly what Sinoptik accomplishes as they proclaim in their bio “three generations of rockn’roll in one shot.”


The best mix of the 60’s and 2000’s rock. “Unpredictable fusion-absorption of psychedelic stoner, old-school rock and digital indie. The creative concept of SINOPTIK – delicate lyrics and the burst of sound. They blend power and beauty, roaring of overloaded guitars and cosmic sounds of the keys.” WHOA, now that’s a loaded couple of sentences but describes their sound better than I could with my simple vocabulary!

I encourage you to really check out Sinoptik!! I don’t mean just hit play on a song only to spin it and forget it. This band is GOOD!! Really good in fact. The playlist below is a prime example of how first impressions matter. When I started writing this feature I was trying to remember why I had picked this group in the first place. I opened the folder on them and proceeded to their website to be greeted with a live performance of “Alex Is Her Name.” I’m an antsy guy, I can’t sit still for more and 5 minutes and have watched literally that much television in the past 6 months but Sinoptik stopped me dead in my tracks at 3:30 am on a sleepless Monday night while getting this feature ready.

Now playing on my Spotify, I’m hooked and you will be too! In December 2014 SINOPTIK released their second LP titled 16/58. The album is filled with musicians’ point of view of cosmos and the humanity in it. According to the bands info pack “This is a story about a man, who was thrown into deep space with a colossal strength under the roaring of rocket engines…”

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