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The Grand Affair

Some bands have it and some bands don’t. Have you ever heard of The Grand Affair?¬†Well, they’re about to take over your ears like ear wax baby. They’re going to get so far up in your ears you’re not going to be able to stand to listen to anything else for weeks. Sounds good right? You bet.

So, the thing about TGA is that they emit such a positive vibe that it’s almost impossible to not bob your head while listening to their music, if even ever so slightly. The story behind this amazing duo and their music is simple yet magical. Their music will be filling up my ears for months if not years to come. I love my job. So, the story behind this group is so perfect that I’m going to just copy and paste their bio below to finish telling the story. Look out for their new EP Organic Love Magic now streaming for free on Soundcloud.


Ms. Anne, originally from the Bay Area, trained at The Academy of Art. In 2012, she was living the life of a starving artist, selling her paintings and singing on the streets of New Orleans to make ends meet.

Mozian, originally from Woodstock, New York, is a Queens-based MC and producer. He traveled to New Orleans in 2012 to perform in the Jazz Festival and do a summer-long residency project.

While rehearsing with his newly formed band, Mozian suggested that a female vocalist would complete the live act. The guitarist remembered Ms. Anne’s singing and gave her a call. Without any details, Ms. Anne followed her female intuition (as she is known to do), dropped what she was doing and headed to the basement rehearsal session. While the band never fully materialized, the rehearsals found the two spending more and more of their time together.

Their process was organic, their vibe unique. As the songs began to take shape, so did the nature of their relationship. And in the heat and mystery of New Orleans, as if by magic, they created the framework for what is now known as The Grand Affair.

After days of being in nearly total darkness in the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac, Ms. Anne and Mozian packed up and headed for the electricity of New York City. Ms. Anne drove her blue Chevy Cavalier the whole way a steady 65 MPH.

Their music is as natural and real as their partnership. Ms. Anne’s vintage vocal quality meshes seamlessly with Mozian’s sample-based hip-hop style for an aesthetic that is both crisp and warming. The result is exciting, timeless music that will appeal to fans across generations.

The couple is continually writing, painting, and creating as if still in the moment of their first meeting. They are currently completing their first EP, titled “Organic Love Magic,” and performing in and around NYC.

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