Featured Artist – The Kanonics

The KanonicsIt’s that time of the week again…time for another featured artist! This week is all for indie rock lovers, because we love you, and it’s all about The Kanonics. I literally listen to every single submission from bands and musicians all over the world for our weekly featured artist slot.

Feast Your Ears On The Kanonics!

This group stuck out to me, big time. The Kanonics are an Indie Rock Band based out of Los Angeles, California. The band was formed by Joseph Bonifazi (guitar and vocal) and Tim Alvarenga (drums). After listening intently to their Soundcloud page, I can vouch that these dudes are the epitome of “Indie.” Their brand new EP (below) is no exception! In my opinion about 3 songs too short. The Alcove EP willl leave you wanting more…A LOT MORE!!! A duo at heart (their Soundcloud page says they are looking for a bassist) the music doesn’t get too complicated which makes for some easy summertime listenin’.

Keep your eyes on these guys…below is their new video off the brand new EP The Alcove.

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