Fintan McKahey – Amicable Ambience – Review

Irish singer/songwriter Fintan McKahey has been hard at work on musical exploration. His latest offering, entitled “Amicable Ambience”, is a study in down-tempo electronic production and ethereal sonic landscapes. Having studied in London, Africa, Asia, and South America, the young artist delivers a haunting performance on a track that perfectly sums up his various influences.

Fintan McKahey – Amicable Ambience

The track begins with a mellow sound and production. Describing a dreamy scene outside, McKahey sings “It’s so peaceful outside / and the howl of the wind is almost frightening / yet simultaneously soothing of the mind.” The song is aptly named; the mood of the music is very atmospheric and airy; the vibe of the vocals is amiable and cordial.

As the song progresses we are given more information, more musical elements begin to pepper the arrangement, including spacey guitar and keyboards.

The song reaches the chorus as McKahey sings “I feel weightless / I’m not aware of my being / so stand here / I’m stuck in the daydream / the rippling of the window screen / it jolts me back to this conscious state also known as reality.” This imagery is superb; the listener is instantly transported to the scene being described, and can easily imagine themselves being lost in thought until the outside world snaps them back to the present moment.

The song cycles back to another verse, this time with more emotion and production. However, this time the instrumental pre-chorus features a distorted but still smooth guitar solo, exploring interesting melodic phrasing and subtly emphasizing the vocal melodies. The chorus comes back around, also with more energy than the first time; McKahey’s imagery returning the listener to a scene of interrupted contemplation.

On the downside, the song is essentially an ABAB format, and does not expand much past this point, save for the aforementioned guitar solo in the second pre-chorus (which itself is essentially really an instrumental verse).  “Amicable Ambience” may have benefitted from a ‘C’ section, something different to take the listener away from the similarities between the verse and chorus. Because the song sticks to the ABAB format, the listener is also treated to a seemingly anti-climactic ending.

However, it’s clear that the song is still powerful and moving, and these potential downsides don’t take away from the imagery and atmospheric vibe. McKahey is certainly developing as an artist and beginning to find his unique voice.

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