Flat River Band – Christmas Time – Review

Flat River BandFlat River Band is a Country style trio that is made up of all brothers. They’ve been putting out albums since what seems to be 2009 according to their list on Spotify. Their Christmas album is from 2014 but it’s got all the timeless classics that any Country music fan is going to love.

Flat River Band – Christmas Time

As I said, the album has all the classics that Christmas music fans and country music fans alike can enjoy. It’s a great introduction to the band and hopefully you’ll check out their other albums. I particularly enjoy the gospel/bluesy version of “Go Tell It On The Mountain.” These guys really rock on this one.

“Jingle Bells” is of course another classic that can be enjoyed in multi-genres. This version is a well-crafted instrumental and I think it fits perfect into this list of classics. Also, their version of this tune is probably one of the most Bluegrassy versions I’ve ever heard. This track should be licensed to department stores every holiday, as I’m sure it would raise some happy eyebrows!

“What Child Is This” has been done justice in a simple and delicately played arrangement that includes a very well-placed flute. “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” is another cool take on an old classic. Is there such a thing as jazzy Country? Cuz this is some jazzy country, HA, in particular with the vamp sections.

So, all you Christmas music fans make sure to put on Christmas Time by The Flat River Band this season. While you’re at it check out their newer releases of original music as well. A little birdy told me they just released a new project called Every Dog Has It’s Day that I’m going to go check out right now! Ya with me?

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