Follow No One – Bring Me Peace – Review

Follow No OneFollow No One is an international rock duo consisting of Rich Hall & Pedro Murina Almeida. The duo has been releasing epic rock songs for some time now, and their latest release, “Bring Me Peace”, continues that trend. The single finds the band exploring their tender side while still rocking the house, an appropriate follow-up to their heavier previous single, “Fear No Evil”.

Follow No One – Bring Me Peace

“Bring Me Peace” begins with ominous synth pads supported with growing drums; which quickly give way to plucked acoustic guitar and passionate vocals. Lyrically the song deals with trying to locate a lost lover, and the emotional content of the song is very deep as a result. It is unclear why the lover has been lost, but this adds an element of mystery and entices the listener to continue digging to find out more.

The song then transitions quickly from verse, to pre-chorus, to chorus, growing the dynamic and arrangement as they move. Single note electric guitar enters during the pre-chorus but is sparse and simply peppering in small riffs. When the chorus enters, the entire arrangement opens up wide with distorted electric guitar chugging heavy power chords and vocals wailing an impassioned plea for relief from pain. The title comes from the lyrics at the end of the chorus, with Hall singing “The dreams I found in you / Bring me peace”, an indication that salvation from his grief is possible.

The duo cycles through another round of verse/pre-chorus/chorus, providing more lyrical context in the 2nd verse before returning to the chorus. From there they transition seamlessly to a full band bridge before dropping down for a cruising guitar solo. Almeida is confident and melodic while also showing off his technical prowess. The chorus then returns bigger than ever, and the duo vamp on these chords while intertwining vocals & guitar to a climactic end, a fitting resolution for their latest effort.

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