Forest Robots – Timberline And Mountain Crest – Review

Based out of Los Angeles, Forest Robots is not politically driven, but rather nature driven. Musical Machinist Fran Dominguez creates electronic soundscapes in an effort to widen people’s sound palettes and their connection with nature. The newest album, Timberline And Mountain Crest, demonstrates more heightened synth-wave exploration than the previous album, Supermoon Moonlight, Pt. 1.

Forest Robots – Timberline And Mountain Crest

“Sudden Bioluminescence” starts off the album with a washy synthetic jigsaw puzzle, adding new information as the song continues to keep the listener intrigued. The music is reflective of a dark night landscape and neon lights emerging from the shadows in a beautiful chorus. Although purely instrumental, the various electronic textures act as voices throughout. Forest Robots is great at combining elements of film scoring into to the music to invoke emotional responses like walking through a bright and sunshiny daydream or a dark forest.

“Through The Trees And Into Wide Open Landscapes” begins with a bright almost nasally synth arpeggio, a pulsing bass synth introducing itself shortly after. One’s head gets lost in the groove for a while until it finally all fizzles out into an ethereal haze. Yet just as the listener thinks the song is over, the haze repeats in a swirl of rather haunting shimmers and distant whistles.

Following the previous track is a very eclectic piece called “Between The Orange And Purple Horizon.” Aptly named, the song involves bright twinkly bell tones and a Theremin-like sound that evoke a futuristic mood with creepy alien undertones. While the songs are meant to be slightly transcendent, this song is an example of how Forest Robots builds up a lot of tension but never really reaches the expected climax.  However, instead of returning back to safe territory from the beginning, Forest Robots is otherwise good at continually adding new information.

Quieter than the other songs, “As The Sun Rises Between Timberland And Mountain Crest” offers a simple and tender foil to the rest of the tracks on the album. A ghostly piano plays a beautiful yet slightly melancholy melody, delicately dangling in the air like a whisper in your ear. The title track to the album is attention grabbing like a sunset, where you just can’t look away, every moment of it surreal and beautiful.

Finally we get the climax we’ve been waiting for in “When Forest Leaves Begin To Change.” Starting off tranquil and transcendent, the bright synths and electronic hip-hop beats work their way through a maze like the inside of a mind as it’s working through life’s changes, transforming as each next experience unfolds. Everything eventually culminates into an electronic breakdown, suddenly dissipating into thin air just as mysteriously as it all developed.

In its new album, “Timberline And Mountain Crest,” Forest Robots uses a strong blend of electronic and orchestral sounds to metaphorically reflect the embrace of mixing old traditions with new innovations, inspiring listeners to preserve the past while conserving the planet for the future. Every song on this album takes the listener on an electronic and natural sonic journey full of meditative and irresistible dance beats.

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