Freudz Couch – Awake

Freudz Couch - AwakeFreudz Couch has become a household name around these parts. If you haven’t caught the past articles about them, please¬†enter their name into the handy search box in the sidebar. The band reunited after a decades-long hiatus and started making music together again within the past few years.

Freudz Couch – Awake

This article I’m talking about their song “Awake.” First impressions? Impressive! Seriously, I’ve enjoyed all of the music I have reviewed of the band, but this song shows growth more than any others. The washy drums and guitars set up the perfect stage for the vocals of¬†Patrick Veinot. Personally, I could do without the vocal intro but once the band comes in it’s all good. Patrick can definitely sing. Apart from a stray note or two, he can hold his own with the best wailers in the genre. The rest of the band aren’t too shabby either.

Apparently, the band wasn’t even sure if they were going to add this tune to their new EP. I say, good choice! “Awake” is probably the most artsy tune I’ve heard FC perform. I can hear all the classic influences permeating throughout. A few that come to mind that I have also mentioned in past reviews are Led Zeppelin, White Snake and The Who. I think the part of the song that grabs me the most is the synchronization between the bass and the drums which set the stage nicely for the catchy melodic hooks throughout the tune.

It’s always fun to watch and listen to a band like FC grow over the couple years we have been in contact. One can only imagine where they would be if they would have stayed together the entire 20 something years they weren’t playing. This band was meant to be together. I suppose their sound could be considered slightly dated, almost like a revival of their own original sound, but that doesn’t matter. They’re really good.

The thing about Freudz Couch is that you’ll always get a quality product. The band is obviously into providing the best music they can come up with, and it’s clear they are more than making up for lost time. They are working on new music for next year so look out for that. The band has also been finding success with some other songs. The bands new and previous releases have all been signed to separate Publishing deals with 2 different companies. Previous releases id and Embraced with Sextillion Music out of London, England, and ego with Music of the Sea out of Chicago.

Like I said, this band is meant to be together. No matter how much or how little “success” they achieve they will always be a great band with deep-rooted history. I look forward to more music next year! I encourage you to get in touch with them on social media and let them know you heard their music right here on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and keep supporting indie music!

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