Freudz Couch – Darkness

Freudz Couch - DarknessAnd…once again…ladies and gentlemen…Freudz Couch! The band is back with a new single “Darkness.” The band has been on a comeback kick lately after releasing their Led Zeppelin-flavored “Martha” last year after a 15-year break. I appreciate what the band is doing by making a comeback. That means they must have had some unforgettable fun the first time! It seems there is quite a wave of bands doing something similar, but Freudz Couch set themselves apart with their gritty indie rock sound.

Freudz Couch – Darkness

The band says after such a long break they never thought they would be doing this again. But hey, here they are! The newest single is a leap and bound stylistically from their last one reviewed last Fall right here. Although it still sits in the ’90s alt classic rock sound, it’s a bit heavier than “Martha.”

“Darkness” has much heavier guitars and the groove overall is definitively more on the hard rock side of things. It sounds like the band has been rehearsing on a regular basis to get ready for this new single release. The next single they’re working on apparently is a Phil Collins song. These guys aren’t taking anything for granted on their comeback and they’re having a blast!

After all these years, everyone in the group holds their parts down solid. I’m fairly positive the individual members never stopped playing music on their own, but they’re still gelling together after such a long break. One member that stands out is Don Fournier (Guitar). I particularly enjoyed his guitar solo in “Darkness.” It’s tastefully done and doesn’t last for too long. The rest of the band are no slumps either. The recording is professional sounding all around. I could probably go for a little tighter/dryer sound as the reverb washes out some drums and covers up some other instruments here and there.

One last note, and this isn’t something that necessarily needs to be changed, but I am missing those harmonies heard on “Martha.” Granted, that song has a completely different feel but I guess I was expecting a touch more. Patrick Veinot (Vocals) does a great job. My only critique is when the vocal and guitar bend the same note together on the chorus, it sounds like a wrong note sometimes. I know it was intentionally done and it’s not really “off”, but to my ears it sounds a bit unpleasant and a touch forced. Overall though I really enjoy his Ozzy/Ronnie styled vocals.

I’m excited this group has come back to Indie Music Plus for some constructive feedback! We’ve been doing business for well over a year now and it’s been awesome to watch the indie groups/musicians we’re working with grow over that time. Please, if you like ’90s flavored indie rock with a classic rock undertone check out and support Freudz Couch! Thank you for reading and as always SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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