Freudz Couch – Freedom

Freudz Couch - FreedomFreudz Couch have returned with some more rockin’ sounds. The Canadian quartet, originally active from ’93-’03, reformed two years ago in 2016. The band has released a single entitled “Freedom”, a follow-up to their 2017 EP Ego.

Freudz Couch – Freedom

An epic rocker from early on, “Freedom” begins with syncopated muted hits on an electric guitar. The full band comes in energetic, with the rhythm section holding down a steady driving pulse, while electric guitar roams around an open-string major riff with plenty of tension and resolve. Before the vocals enter the music takes a slight detour, turning more minor and menacing in tone, the rhythm section adding syncopation and shifting the balance of the sound.

The vocals then make a powerful entrance, searing themselves onto the listeners brain. “Blue skies open wide, here comes freedom!” sings vocalist Patrick Veinot, giving us some context and definition regarding the “freedom” being discussed. After another round of the chorus, the music shifts back to a minor, syncopated feel, although this time the vocals are along for the ride. However; while the music is minor, the lyrics maintain their grateful attitude, with Veinot singing “Have you ever felt humbled by all of this glory?” as a continuing reference to the majesty of the natural world.

As the chorus of the song returns, Veinot is joined by a ‘chorus’ of backing vocals with the band yelling “Hey!” in between his phrases. The song cycles through the minor/syncopated “B” section before pushing the listener off the deep end into an epic, almost Middle-Eastern sounding bridge. As Veinot sings “But when my soul fades away, I will be with you that day” it becomes clear that the mood is not all happy here; there is a somber aspect to the song that includes the awareness that all things must end.

With an emphatic “Hey!” the band brings the listener back to the chorus, a musical reminder that a sunrise always follows the darkest part of the night. The rhythm section actually pulls back during the subsequent guitar solo, creating a nice dynamic change that helps offset the power of the rest of the song. The chorus then returns before one last minor B section, and as a treat at the end, the chorus lyrics come back over the B section music, contrasting beauty with ugliness one last time. While the production leaves something to be desired, overall the song is another great entry in an already great catalogue.

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