Freudz Couch – I Don’t Care Anymore

Freudz Couch - I Don't Care AnymoreFreudz Couch – the band that has come back from the dead. Luckily, they’re sharing their new music with us. If you haven’t heard about this band on our website yet, well you must be new or you don’t read much, so here’s a quick recap. The band broke up almost 20 years ago and decided to get back together in late 2016 for a reunion song. And apparently they are back for good. Now, I do want to say that I really don’t think a cover song is the best move for an original band getting back into the scene. I think it’s important to stick to the originals, but hey no one listens to me anyway and “I Don’t Care Anymore” BAHA!

Freudz Couch – I Don’t Care Anymore

Ok, the new tune by Freudz Couch is actually a Phil Collins cover. I’m familiar with the original version but I took a listen to just refresh. I recommend you do the same. First off, I love the drums on this tune. I’m not exactly a huge fan of the actual “beat” of the tune, but┬áNik Paparo’s drums are filling the space beautifully.

The original version had mostly keyboards, but the band has decided to fill the gaps with heavy guitars and it works, for the most part. Even though the original version is less rocky and more keyboard driven, I feel like the guys missed the mark just a bit with this one. It’s not a bad rendition, it’s well produced and everyone sounds awesome, however I found myself getting bored around the 3:00 mark. The song comes in at a total of over 5 minutes and gets a little drawn out for me.

As I said before, a cover song may not have been the best idea for this band coming back from the ’90s. When an artist does a cover song (especially in today’s saturated market of wannabes), they must either do an amazing version that is very similar to the original or take it another direction and make it completely their own. I feel like the Freudz Couch rendition was right in the middle for this one.

As far as the band themselves they are truly (re)finding and even more so defining their music and style even further than when they were together originally. So far, it’s been really exciting to watch these guys getting back into their groove over the past year. I honestly look forward to the next year or so when they can hopefully put out a full length project. Keep it up guys! As always, thank you for reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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