Freudz Couch – Martha – Review

Freudz Couch

Freudz Couch. When I first started listening the new single “Martha” I immediately went looking for more music from the band to find some common ground on their sound…I only found this one song.

When I took a look at their Facebook page it said they were founded in 1993. That’s pretty much all the information I could find at the time. So, I was like, hmm…ok. Maybe someone is reviving a band they formed years back. I liked the band so much that we played the Freudz Couch song “Martha” on our Indie Music LIVE! Ep. 49. I looked later in the comments of the video and I was right! This is a new song and they’re working on more. How exciting!

Freudz Couch

So, I’m excited about this band. In the intro of “Martha” it reminds me of a Zep song, mainly because of the acoustic guitar and delay on the vocal and how they mix together. After that it shoots straight in to a really cool southern rock groove with acoustic guitar.

Whenever I start the song I get the feeling I had when I was growing up listening to music. Excited. I love southern flavored rock and the song “Martha” brings me to a good place in almost an instant. I’d definitely like to apply some kudocream on these guys for this. The music is tight and upbeat and is obviously being played by A-list musicians. I can hear why this band would want to get back together after all these years and start creating music again.

Guitar solos can be yay or nay for me and not much in between. I give the solo in this tune a big fat YAY. Thoughtful and melodic, it doesn’t sound like some wanker guitar player is trying to show off. Rather it plays INTO the song. I appreciate and enjoy that approach. Also, in the solo section the drummer and bass player do an excellent job of locking down a sensible groove for the guitar player to shine. Good stuff!

I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed in the vocals. I enjoy the voice very much, the melodies are great and the harmonies are workable. The main issue I have is they are very low in the mix. I love my drums and guitars loud don’t get me wrong, but in support of the vocals. That is probably the biggest constructive feedback I have about this song. Otherwise I like it. The only other critique I have for the band is GIVE ME MORE! 😛 I just peeped their Facebook page and it looks like they’ve released 2 new singles as of November 10, 2016.

Indie Music On The Rise

We’ve helped this group with some promotions in the recent past and I keep wanting to hear more. Hopefully we will get some more soon. The band is tight and seems to represent exactly what they could pull off live. The production is of demo quality but on the high end side. I’m excited to hear some more NEW music from this group. Please share if you like Freudz Couch, then support the band and visit them on Soundcloud or Facebook or anywhere else you can find them! Tell them Indie Music Plus sent ya!

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