GameBreax – NerdCore For Video Games


GameBreax is an exceptionally unique duo hailing from North Carolina. Their music is Hip Hop but it’s not your typical modern day take on the genre. The music of SWATS and Omega Sparx is made up of a couple of nerds.

It’s ok I call them that because that’s what they call themselves, nerds, geeks, etc. Why? Their music is all about the video game. What GameBreax produces you can definitely call NerdCore Music. If you’re not familiar with the genre then I suggest you do a little research. NerdCore is rap for nerds. Are you a nerd? Well, that’s for you to decide.

GameBreax – Nerd to the core and proud of it!

GameBreax writes not only about video games but from the perspective of the actual video game characters. These guys dive way deep into the personas of the characters to reveal a deeper look at what they think is actually going on in the games. They take the character and rap as that character about the game that character represents. I’m not really a gamer so I couldn’t do this but I suggest, while listening, see if you can decipher what characters they are personifying as they are rapping.

This year they had the extreme privilege to have their song “On The Grind” premiered and featured at the national¬†Evo 2016 Championship Series¬†in Las Vegas, NV to a sold out crowd of gaming freaks, geeks and nerds. Also notable is the fact that their music was also featured on ESPN 2 during the tournament.

So, all in all these nerds have it going on! The production is on the edge and their rap/rhyme deliveries are as professional as they come. Keep an eye out for their name on a video game coming to a video screen near you!

As always thank you for reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!


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