Gary Burk III – You Got Me – Review

Gary Burk IIIGary Burk III is a country artist based in Pennsylvania, USA. Gary is a Country music fan’s dream. He’s easy on the eyes, talented, and can out-twang anyone. He has a new single called “You Got Me” and he’s crossing some genres here. I’m not sure how the more traditional Country fans will feel about and I’m not quite sure myself either.

Gary Burk III – You Got Me

“You Got Me” (lyric video below) is actually a good song with its composition. Country and pop music have been criss-crossing for a generation now, and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing…but I’m not sure that is what this song needs. It’s hard to put your finger on it, the song just seems to wander through genres a bit to me. I like the guitars, I like the melody, but I’m never a fan of the generic drum loop in this music style. First off it feels too groovy for this tune. I think that’s what makes it seem all over the place to me.

How do I think this is a good song and then knock some parts down? Well, I simply think the recording could use some tweaking in terms of genre identity. I think that’s the issue for me. I think people without as picky ear as me will probably look past these things and enjoy the song for what it is, a darn tootin’ good song! In fact, despite everything I just critiqued about the single I keep finding myself singing it in my head lol.

So, country fans: Are you a fan of how pop country music has gotten over the past couple of decades? Which do you prefer? Flat out country or do you like a little genre mixing with your twang? Let me know!

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