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Gaz The Rapper

Gaz The Rapper has something special. Raw talent. Hailing from “The 703” he has just barely touched the surface of his hip hop career. At the ripe age of 21, Gaz literally has his entire career in front of him. He just has to write it.

So I stumbled across Gaz when I started exploring the sometimes weird but mostly wonderful world of Periscope. When I signed up for the app, my phone started whistling at me constantly! It became quite annoying so I unfollowed some people I wasn’t interested in, and the whistles all of a sudden became more important…ESPECIALLY when this kid was freestyling.

Reminiscent of popular rappers of the recent past, Gaz’s influences span from Eminem to Dr. Dre. The untrained ear may say he sounds like E, but I think he is putting a new spin on a classic sound. Gaz makes his raps his very own every time. He has 26 tracks on his Soundcloud and is about to drop his new mixtape called Off The Dome, which is currently in the editing phase.

Gaz The Rapper

Working at a pizza job like any respectable hard working young man, Gaz is definitely paying his dues…but in ways older rappers would have never dreamed. With over 4 million hearts and counting, Gaz’s Periscope is blowing up as he freestyles to unending comments every day. Somehow this raw talent of a rapper is able to vibe and flow off his audience of which not a single person is in the room with him. It’s amazing to watch.

Off The Dome is going to be an exciting mixtape. Like I mentioned before, Gaz’s Soundcloud page is already full of great songs and will be only more robust after the mixtape “drops” as the kids say these days.

We pick featured artists for a reason here at Indie Music Plus and Gaz’s talent speaks for itself. For now, feast your ears on the latest single “702 V2” feat. Nikko Knight highlighted on the Youtube video below. Also, don’t miss the freestyle that Gaz just unloads right on the spot. This kid is amazing! Preview it below and please like him everywhere as Gaz The Rapper and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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