Gianna Alessi – On it – Review

Gianna AlessiPop music lives! Even in the big apple. New York City recording artist Gianna Alessi offers up sultry pop sensations on her latest single “On It.” This song is best described as guilty pleasure pop meets soulful vocal prowess. She offers the best of both worlds. One part Spice Girl, one part Mariah Carey. And maybe a little Norah Jones thrown in for flavor.

Gianna Alessi – On it

“On It” sounds like the forgotten bonus track on Spice World. Could Gianna be the forgotten spice? While that statement is meant to be a compliment, I know some artists may take it a different way. So to be clear, Gianna’s talent goes far above and beyond that of a Sporty or Posh Spice. Gianna is much more musician than pop product. Her vocals are really strong. She has excellent control and range. As soon as she begins singing, you can hear that she has spent lots of time studying classical vocal techniques. Which makes sense having studied at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee School of Music. That is not a school for slouches so you know Gianna has worked hard to develop her craft.

Speaking of her craft, singing is not her only talent. She is also a songwriter. Gianna doesn’t hold anything back in an attempt to be overly artistic in her writing style as well as her performance. Her words are solid and the production is top of the line, but she doesn’t forget to give the people what they want when it is all said and done. And although she does have vocal chops, she never overdoes it. She lets the melody come through in her song and leaves you humming the catchy hook long after the track has finished playing.

Being the daughter of a classically trained Trombonist and the grandaughter of a former soprano at the Metropolitan Opera are paying off nicely for Gianna. You can tell she has music in her DNA. She has a look and a sound that any pop fan would enjoy. If you miss the days when “Wannabe” and “Always Be My Baby” ruled the radio airwaves, then Gianna Alessi is your girl. Take a listen to “On It” and see if you are transported to another time and place. You may not be able to stay there forever, but Gianna will take you there for three and a half minutes anytime you’d like. Just hit play.

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