Guest Bloggers and Indie Music Critics

We are excited to announce NOW that we have opened the doors to Guest Bloggers and Indie Music Critics! As we have stated in our IMP Podcast Series , the future of Indie Music Plus is not just about the opinions of two men (Joe and David). We’d like to encourage and welcome new opinions moving forward, and we’d love to include YOU in our circulation.

For both ‘The Artist Word’ and Guest Critics, please email us at: info (at) You can become one of our new guest bloggers!

Guest Bloggers – Join The IMP Crew!

Guest Bloggers1. The Artist Word

This is our blog category for current Indie Musicians to write about their experience on the road, in the studio, and in the real-time trenches of the music industry. This is a great opportunity for Indie bands and artists that don’t have their own blog/website.

• We will edit your article for grammar and SEO, and circulate through our Social Media channels of over 200,000 Indie Music fans.

• We can only accept original content, unique to Indie Music Plus. Please email us so we can run through a few more basic guidelines for guest blogging.



Music Critics2. Indie Music Critics

We are in the process of building a Brain Trust of qualified Music Critics to help keep up with our constant flow of Review submissions. We are looking for a few more industry veterans, awesome writers, or even obsessed music fans. Contact us if you’d be interested in writing honest constructive reviews of new Indie Music.

• As we have progressed well with IMP development, our team of Music Critics are now getting paid. All we ask for new bloggers is to write a couple complimentary reviews first so we can get a feel for your writing style and expertise.

• We have a short custom bio for IMP Critics shown at the end of each Review posted. This is where YOU can list your current project and a link to your own website!