Gxldie.x – Believe In Me – Review

Gxldie.xGxldie.x (not quite sure how to pronounce:) is a talented young indie singer/songwriter from Woodbridge, VA. She recently released a project called The Garden and I’m reviewing “Believe In Me”. You can listen below by clicking that familiar orange play button as you read my glorious words!

Gxldie.x – Believe In Me

My initial thoughts of this tune are very positive. I have a couple of minor critiques but overall I really like this tune. Gxldie.x’s voice is really strong and comes off very bluesy at times in “Believe In Me.” A guitar hook that plays repeatedly thru the entire tune does get a bit monotonous though. I’m not even wanting another part or instrument to take over anywhere, however it would be nice if it fell out a few times to give some variety. It seems as though there isn’t really a verse of a chorus to grab on to.

Gxldie.x’ music is not shy of any feelings that’s for sure. She says, “Every song I write starts off with a strong emotion. I’m not good at putting things into words. I just play a lot of minor keys until I come up with something that fits what I’m feeling.”

I think the production overall on this track is stellar. If had to gamble (and I don’t gamble) I would put down another $5 on Gxldie.x just on this one tune alone. Even though the core groove of the tune continues without change throughout, there is some nice variety in her vocals. The mix of her lead vocal and the occasional group chant/sing, it’s all Gxldie.x all the time and she carries it well. I’m definitely feeling a Bjork vibe here too, though not quite as melodic.

Apart from a few misplaced notes her vocal is very strong. For being as young as she is it’s exciting to think about where she will go next. The producer “MONK” did a phenomenal job with the mix and programming, etc…you know, what producers do. I’m not sure how much of a hand Gxldie.x had in crafting the overall production, but now I’m curious! I encourage you to check out the music of the young and rising Gxldie.x. It’s not an easy task to find her online so I would suggest hitting her up on Soundcloud. As always thank you for reading and supporting indie music!


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