Happy Freuds – Echo Of Sounds – Review

Happy FreudsBased in Javea, Spain, alternative rock quartet Happy Freuds has gained widespread attention for its authenticity and rock-n-roll spirit — including the attention of renowned producer Duncan Morrison, who previously worked with acts such as Peter Gabriel and Joe Strummer. Over the course of three days, Morrison joined Happy Freuds in Spain and personally remixed a multitude of their songs from the original recordings.

Happy Freuds – Echo Of Sounds

Released December 1st, 2019, Remixes Vol 1 is the first chunk of tunes remixed by Morrison. The song “Background Noise” begins with a breezy strumming guitar, building and picking up pace until the drums take off into an upbeat forward march. Like an alternative folk rock mix of U2 and Bruce Springsteen, Happy Freuds spreads a message of unity with its lyrics, “Our tears are all the same,” delivered in a speak-singing format similar to David Byrne. This song repeatedly builds up and back down in momentum and volume, so there are multiple climaxes in the song but it never quite feels like it leads to anything further than that, until for the triumphant drum crashes at the very end.

Taken from their 2019 full-length album Echo of Sounds, the song “Allman’s Big Feet” features an edgy blues-rock guitar riff and conversational lyrics. The vocalist shows off his upper range when sliding into the falsetto during, “Let it slide,” giving off bad boy rock-n-roll vibes with lyrics looking for trouble and a good time. A scratchy guitar solo is appropriately placed after the catchy chorus melody that sounds similar to a War tune, with the vocals really belting out during the chorus at the end.

“Chauncey” has a more agitated, rock heavy groove, with the aforementioned vocal shouts, slides, and speaking like David Byrne. It’s an exhilarating arrangement, with lyrics that are slightly unclear but fantastically open to interpretation. A soaring guitar solo shows off the unifying chemistry between all the players, as they stay in sync with one another through all the twists and turns of each song section, maintaining a danceable energy the entire time.

The second group of tracks remixed by Morrison, Remixes Vol 2, was released shortly after the first group on December 15, 2019. “Push” is a straight up heavy dude rock tune to bang your head along to, with a thumping bass line pulsing underneath and a haunting vocal delivery. Its lyrical content is direct: “As the world is changing, you do the same,” and the choruses are anthemic and reflective of a glorious uprising. The ending is abrupt but feels really effective within the context of how the song flows, leaving the listener wanting to hear the song over and over again. “Push” is a really exciting song to get you pumped up.

“To Blue” is the last song and offers a slower, strummy guitar pattern to cap off the collection. The music features piano and is somber but beautiful, with dynamic vocal harmonies like a late 90’s alternative soft rock ballad. Happy Freuds has a way of turning familiar song structures and melodies into a new age sound by adding quick little anticipations, whopping harmonies, and a thunderous rock spirit to the stage. Remixes Vol 1 and Remixes Vol 2 both demonstrate the spectrum of variables used in the band’s overall sound, stretching from acoustic folk to full-fledged rock band drum explosions.

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