Harkness – Defibrillator – Review

HarknessHarkness. What is it? Well, I researched the word for a few minutes on the internet and what I came up with is that it’s anywhere from a formal Scottish surname to a hillbilly that sleeps with his sister and has no genitalia, so the verdict is out I guess! Hopefully, when we have them on as a featured artist in the near future they’ll be able to clear the issue up. Besides the unusual name, the music is some of the best I’ve heard in 2020, seriously. The use of instrumentation, melody, and harmony are masterful.

Harkness – Defibrillator

When asked what the song is about, the artist says – “Well, looking all around us today it appears as if the shit is truly hitting the fan. There’s so much inequality, division and pain, so many people seem to be struggling. It’s almost as if the World is having a heart attack right before our eyes. Maybe the whole planet could use a Defibrillator.”? Well, regardless of what it’s about it’s one of most interesting singles I’ve heard in quite some time. It has everything. Rock, REAL orchestratral instrumentation, Addicting Melodies…I could go on.

I’ve listened to music intently since I was 8 and have been a musician for over 30 years now, and I’ve never heard anything quite like this. In this new single “Defibrillator”, Harkness uses all REAL instruments and the results are an unbelievably well-written song and recording. Harkness is one of the most intriguing musicians I’ve heard in years. If you’re into alt pop with a twist you should do yourself a favor and check them out now. I know I’m glad I did!

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