Heather Whitney – What Part of Life – Review

Heather Whitney - What Part of Life

Heather Whitney has been wowing country music fans with her songs for the past few years. In fact, we have reviewed her music before here. Whitney not only captures the country audience, but her image appeal and poppy edge will also catch the attention of the average pop listener as well. Also, country music has made yet another big crossover in recent years so I can imagine fans of Heather will also be fans of her latest tunes too.

Heather Whitney – What Part of Life

“What Part Of Life” is her new single that is just waiting to be a radio hit. I like this single better than the last one we reviewed. I just think this one is more authentic. Speaking of authenticity, Heather has it! Her voice hits it every time. That’s one thing that always stays consistent in all her music, her voice is spot on. Flawless!¬†

Speaking of “flawless”, every tune I’ve heard from Heather Whitney is extremely well produced. It sounds like whoever is running that mixing board has their musical hand on the current pulse of today’s country music. Heather’s voice and production quality have the potential to take her very far in the industry, no doubt.

In “What Part Of Life” I am digging on the whole track. Although I’ve mentioned before country music isn’t my personal expertise, I appreciate quality country music! When compared, country music is very similar to rock music in several key ways so it’s easily relatable. This is essentially what fuels crossover movements – fans of other genres hearing that familiar catchy style. Her voice is everything you would need in a singer and as far as quality she is up there with all the greats of today.

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