Hungry On Monday – Featured Artist

Hungry On MondayThe band Hungry On Monday is a unique blend of teenage talent that has grown and matured quite fast in its early days. This is extremely rare and should be treated as literal gold. You see, I’ve never heard of this great band until they submitted their music to be featured, and this happens often. I get tons of music submitted every month and sometimes it’s hard to decide, but when I heard their music it was no-brainer.

Hungry On Monday – Featured Artist

When the band’s music was submitted I didn’t even know their average age was 19. All I really knew was that their manager had submitted some kick-ass groovy music. I mean, the song we feature on Indie Music LIVE! 141 “Living In A Dream” is so chill. Vocals are smooth, the band is tight, and the horns add the perfect rhythmic power and style. What’s really most impressive about this band of millennials¬†is their maturity in composition. The guys have known each other since elementary school and all took their own paths musically, but a few years later ganged up to create a massive musical movement for themselves. What is also interesting to me is how much their music is really just soul when it’s broken down.

When being any sort an individual artist, you must make choices early in life to take chances that others may not. Well, this group of young men is moving to Nashville from Virginia to pursue their dreams of being a band and making it in the real world. Indie Music Plus endorses them and hopes that you as an indie music listener will do the same and put your support behind this young pool of talent! I teach music as a day job and I must say – these young men are a rarity just on their own, but as a band?!?!? PFFFT! I predict they will be unstoppable with the right spices and magic of the industry, and they are even taking courses in sound engineering to widen their skill set. I really hope they keep their focus and find their way to success.

I’m curious to know what YOU think about the music of Hungry On Monday. Let me know by getting in touch on social media. Also, let them know that you heard their music here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres from all over the world!

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