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Ides Of Mae

Ides Of Mae is a band out of Colorado we’ve been watching for quite a while here at Indie Music Plus. We’ve played their music before and they just released a new album. To me this is clearly their best work yet! Their first full-length album, Time Runs Out, includes some notable singles “One More Second Chance” and “Better”.

Ides Of Mae

I’m particularly fond of the their latest video for “Time Runs Out”, the title track of their album. Amazing music aside, the band has an awesome image for this album as well which adds colorful imagery to the sounds. The band has only been around for a few short years, but their sound has grown immensely over that time. Bands have to start somewhere, and most of the time their best stuff doesn’t come out until they are truly comfortable with each other as players and people. With other notable tunes such as “Better” and “New Year’s”, the band mellows out a bit and crosses slightly over to the AC/Pop side of things. Either way, Ides Of Mae is doing it and doing it well.

Standout tracks to me on this project are “Hold On” and the title track “Time Runs Out.” Their videos are awesome and colorful paint is splattered everywhere which makes for some really cool visuals. Find them on Facebook or Youtube and check it out. The band is already booking dates for their summer tours so keep an eye out for these ‘up and comers’. In the Featured Artist video above you get to see more of their personality and humor, so check that out too!

At this point in the band’s career it’s crucial that they receive the support they need to carry on. That’s why Indie Music Plus is here. I encourage you to support Ides Of Mae if you like their music. You can do something simple or something big, but as the internet marketing “gurus” like to say, TAKE ACTION! As always, thank you for reading and supporting Indie Music!

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