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Indie Mastering Songs OnlineFor Indie Mastering Songs Online with a low budget, we have the perfect solution for you! Mastering is an essential step in the production of any professional song or album. A properly mastered song sounds good on whatever sound system you are listening through. We have already worked with thousands of Indie Artists for our Soundcloud Promotion packages, and we have found that many artists skip the crucial step of song mastering.

Our custom song mastering service is perfect if you’re looking to compete in what many call the “loudness” war. Most mastering services cost hundreds or THOUSANDS of dollars. Our mastering service starts at…$15.00!

Mastering songs online has become a much more cost-effective process today. Indie Mastering used to be primarily an offline service, and way too expensive for the Indie budget. Don’t forget the team here at Indie Music PLUS is compiled of veteran producers, engineers, and software freaks…so with our smart new programming tools, we can get the job done for you.

What Will Our Indie Mastering Do For Your Music?

  • create sound quality more consistent with other commercial music
  • make the final mix loud, wide, and clear
  • add overall stereo width
  • increase the warmth of your music
  • minimize hiss and hums
  • add professional intro/outro fades (if needed)
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1. Make sure your overall mix is at -.6db or below to allow for headroom in the mixing process. This is a very important step. If your mix is too loud then we have no where to go with it.

2. Please send only uncompressed .wav files. This is very important as well. This is the ideal format to start mastering your project.

*100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!