Indus Rush – Follow My Star – Review

Indus Rush“Follow My Star”, the latest single from UK-born producer Indus Rush (aka Stephen Whitby), is a tale of lost love and healing. From the full length record The Road Ahead, Whitby has given listeners a sublime single that pulls on the heart strings and gives the listener an ultimately optimistic look on love.

Indus Rush – Follow My Star

Beginning with a pulsing electronic beat, the heavily effected vocal hook (sung by BetaPSI) quickly entering and complementing the timbres of the beat. The vibe is cheery and uplifting but not entirely so; one gets a wistful feeling from the intro.

As the verse enters, the singer reflects nostalgically on memories with a former lover, the listener gaining a sense that the memories are bittersweet, because the relationship did not last. As the verse gives way to the pre-chorus, the narrator seems to find some closure and acceptance in the lines “Well I guess it’s fate, I suppose it’s great that I’ve made it this far”; intimating to the listener that following “my star” is how the narrator has been able to navigate the waters of lost love.

With the chorus falling way to the second verse the listener learns more about the relationship, the fun times the narrator had with her lover, and some of the unfortunate circumstance behind the end of the love. After the second chorus, the electric guitar mimics and elaborates on the verse vocal melody, raising the emotion to new heights and expanding the sonic palate of the song.

The third verse is by far the most optimistic. “When someone comes along again to touch your heart”, BetaPSI sings, “You stop and turn and look again and you see love”. Although love lost may feel like an insurmountable pain, there is always a fresh sunrise on the horizon, always something else to look forward to in the future. On the flipside of things, the beat could be stronger and expanded upon more, and the song could benefit from more variation, especially at almost 5 minutes in length. Those aspects aside, “Follow My Star” is another great entry in an already great catalogue.

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