How To Buy Instant Twitter Followers

Instant Twitter FollowersThis article is about the question of How To Buy Instant Twitter Followers. The answer is…you don’t! Plain and simple. If you want to buy cheap Twitter followers, you’re simply throwing your money away. Let me use another example. If you’re buying Twitter followers from outsourcers at Fiverr, you’re literally throwing money into a garbage can. Let me use yet another example – IF YOU’RE BUYING FAKE FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER FROM ANY PROVIDER, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY!!!! If you don’t believe me read on.

Twitter is a real life and real time experience. I equate it to hanging out or walking down on a busy city street. You don’t walk down the street holding your product out saying “BUY THIS, BUY THIS”! People would look at you as if you were crazy. If you know some of the people while you’re walking down the street, chances are some of them will talk to you and ask to hangout. If you’re REALLY popular then everyone on the street is watching your every move and wants to know when you’re there, what you’re doing, when you’re leaving, etc.

Targeted Organic Followers > Fake Instant Twitter Followers

Twitter is very similar in the sense that everyone wants to be popular. People who don’t know about Twitter will jump on there and think “damn, I need instant Twitter followers to make myself appear cool”. I understand that, I was in the same boat when I started learning about the weird and wonderful world of social media. I’m sure you’ve heard this before but it truly is about the Attraction, Connection and Engagement you have with those that you already follow and who follow you. It’s just like in real life! The more you stay in contact with people the more you trust them. If numbers were all it took to get “Twitter Famous” then everyone would be buying followers.

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