Iris Marlowe – Featured Artist

Iris MarloweIris Marlowe is an indie folkish type singer-songwriter gal from Chicago. She mostly makes a combo of country and dream-pop styles. She’s recently released her second record which focuses more on the folk side but shes says her third effort is going to be straight up old style country. The song we feature in the show “Need Me” was actually written the day before she recorded her second album. We highly recommend checking it out! She wouldn’t be a featured artist here on Indie Music Plus if she wasn’t amazing!

Iris Marlowe – Featured Artist

In the Deeper w/ Dave segment Dave digs deeper and finds out more about how Iris records her music and her processes with her engineer(s). Iris said that some of the elements of her song “Need Me”, including the piano sound, were sort of happy accidents. Dave compares Iris’ sound to The Civil Wars to which she agrees. Dave accuses Iris of genre hopping due to the fact that her next album is going to be old school country music. But, she explains that it actually fits her very well as most of her projects do have a “one-off” country-esque song. Also, she doesn’t want to be pinned to one genre.

She says that in live situations she typically will play by herself, but she is able to have other musicians play with her as well. Due to the pandemic she is planning on staying home thru June and most of her “live” shows will be mostly online. She had an album release show scheduled but was obviously cancelled due to the pandemic and will hopefully be rescheduled sometime in the near future. Check out Iris Marlowe’s music at her website and keep your eyes peeled to the future, she’s a keeper!

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