Isabeau Waia’u Walker – Featured Artist

Isabeau Waia'u WalkerIsabeau Waia’u Walker is an independent alternative/folk rock chick. She’s under heard, under promoted and simply needs some more exposure. BOOM! Introducing our featured artist of the week! We’ve been hearing about Isabeau for months now through a friend of the ours at IMP. She plays a mix of covers and originals, and actually has a respectable following on YouTube. WARNING: Her music can evoke strong emotions.

Full disclosure here, Isabeau was nervous about being on our show. She thought it may have been some type of “roast”, ha! Let’s just say she rocked it!

Isabeau Waia’u Walker – Beauty + Strength = Glory!

David Werba makes a powerful point in our featured artist interview. Let me put it this way, Dave was moved by Isabeau’s music and feels it’s the greatest compliment you can give an artist. I haven’t seen this side of him before…watch the video for the full interview. The song “Honest Conversation” was the song that tipped him over to the emotional side. Watch to see if he sheds a tear!

Isabeau is a kind and gentle soul. She sends off vibes that are flowery and warm. Her voice is simple yet elegant. She plays mostly covers online but also releases originals. If you want to support her please visit her Patreon page.

By supporting Isabeau on Patreon you are supporting the creation of her music. What a wonderful idea right? Afterall, Isabeau is a teacher and aspiring artist trying to get heard by the world. Support that!

I am totally fine with musicians using covers as a means to start their career and get heard, but being a former cover band member I have fallen back in love with ORIGINAL MUSIC. I am not saying I don’t respect the talent displayed in Isabeau’s covers, but boy do I love her originals. Again, support her on Patreon and encourage her to write from her soul and create as much original music as possible!

As always thank you for checking out our featured artist of the week and please, SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!!

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