Izzy – Featured Artist


Izzy. What can I say about her? Well, this girl has raw talent. It’s undeniable. Plus, she has amazing hair…and it’s FAR better than David Werba’s hair!

Well, the hair thing could change but her voice is solid and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. At only 17 this girl has not only time to grow but plenty of time to learn and work hard. With only a minimal amount of material she should start now!


Izzy has plenty of support in her quest to be the real deal. She is attending an Arts focused high school and it seems she is learning a lot.¬†When I think of the definition of raw talent, this girl fits it perfectly. Having said that, we need more tunes from her! Her single “Moving On” is a promising start to a fresh and innocent career. You can watch our interview with her on Indie Music LIVE! and hear her tell her story.

I love having undiscovered super talents on our show. It just makes me feel good, like a real Coolius Maximus. Izzy is no exception. Dave was flabbergasted when he found out she was only 17. If her single “Moving On” is any indication on where her career is headed…WHOA! Again, we need more!

Please watch and share the interview! If you haven’t heard the full single by Izzy yet please hit play on the Soundcloud player below! Trust me, you’ll instantly fall in love with Izzy’s amazing voice. Also, follower her so you can keep up to date on all of her new releases.

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