J.J. McGuigan – EP Review

J.J. McGuigan - EP ReviewJ.J. McGuigan is a guy that we’ve reviewed quite a few times now over the past 4 years or so. He’s one of those artists that hasn’t quite settled into a niche yet and that’s ok. It seems like he’s still exploring his craft. He tends to fluctuate between genres sometimes writing on the Country side of things, and sometimes going alt/rock. He’s hard to pin down, but most of his songs are actually quite good. Check out other reviews here and here. He’s released a new collection of singles and here are my thoughts.

J.J. McGuigan – EP Review

“Save My Life” is a great song. However (but), it lacks some in the production quality of sound. Let’s talk about the good stuff first though. I’m not sure if J.J. has had a life transformation, but this song seems steeped in religious symbolism. I’m cool with that and the song is really inspirational overall with excellent messaging. On the not so good side it’s obviously using drum samples and loops, and a song of this caliber really needs organic instruments to pull it off. Because of this mixing decision, it remains to me in a class of simply a demo.

“Forces” is just wow! This song is one of the many reasons I love listening to the music of J.J. McGuigan. Although the recording itself sounds raw, it has more real sounding drums, better production, and finer instrumentation. His guitar tones are amazing and I believe the song itself could be a hit single! I mean seriously, J.J. is a great songwriter, but I think he needs to be more consistent with the types of tunes he releases. Bootlegs, demos and rare recordings are cool, but I think he needs to stick with only releasing songs that are completed because they connect so much better to the listener. Just my 2 cents.

“Desperate Eyes” is another great example of the positive stuff I’m talking about. This song sounds complete. It’s really well produced and fans of Radiohead and the like are going to love it. It’s moody and emotional, and this is another album cut he could be proud of. I’m thinking that if J.J. starts making some moves, he could definitely start to find some success in the music industry. Even if it’s not headlining on Late Night TV shows, he could probably find some licensing deals for his music. A lot of his songs just scream, “Put me in a movie!”

I encourage you to check out ALL the music of J.J. McGuigan. He’s released an impressive list of tunes in the recent years that’s just dying to be consumed. And I hope my message has come across clear to J.J. – some more organization and fine tuning could lead to greatness.

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