J.J. McGuigan – Review

J.J. McGuiganJ.J. McGuigan has released some new tunes and he wanted us to tell you about them! McGuigan is a songwriter located in Wichita, Kansas. He has been composing music for just over 10 years. One of his claims to fame is that he was a finalist for VH1’s Save the Music songwriting contest.

J.J. McGuigan

The first song “Letter” is honestly, well, how do I put this? Rough. It’s a two-chord guitar song and the lyrics are meaningful and definitely provide a story, however the singing is a bit rough to listen to. I can’t actually pick out any melody, and the notes waver a bit out of tune. I can’t lie and say that it rocked my world because, well, it didn’t. This is what you get here at Indie Music Plus. Honesty. Suffice to say I DO think that J.J. McGuigan is a promising artist overall and in the long run. I would just have to encourage him to redo the vocals on this one. Keep reading though, it gets much better…

“Home” is next up and let me just say that right out of the bat it’s COMPLETELY different than “Letter.” Now THIS is the JJ McGuigan I remember from his last review. The difference in quality of both song and audio is astounding when compared to “Letter.” It’s really like a tale of two artists here. I think “Home” is fit to be on a pop/rock station TODAY. Everything about it just screams “MAKE ME A HIT!” I think with the proper management and marketing he can definitely make some waves with this one! If J.J. ever comes out with a full length, this is already on the album in my book.

“Disconected” (not sure if this is misspelled on purpose) is sort of in the middle of the road for me…at this point. I say “at this point” because it sounds like it’s unfinished. Sporting only an electric guitar and his vocal, it sounds like he may have forgot to unmute the drums and bass. The song itself is another winner though! Vocals and melody are very strong. Guitar playing is great and the chord structure is different enough to set itself apart from other similar pop/rock sounds. I really feel it’s just missing drums and bass. I’m not sure if this tune is ready for a review to be honest until it’s finished. I hope if he did this on purpose my critique doesn’t take away from the song too much, because once again that part is actually pretty great. This version simply sounds like a rough demo that he decided to shove out as a release. I say, take some more time and finish it brother.

In closing I think that “Home” is the all out winner of these new tunes by far. I’ve enjoyed J.J. McGuigan’s music in the past and I did again. I hope he comes out with more soon! I only hope that he takes a little more time and focus on more details. All in all though, KEEP GOING AND GOOD LUCK! I hope you can support him!

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