J$20 The Presidential King – Review

J$20 The Presidential KingChicago is known for producing incredible talent in the rap game. The Windy City has brought us huge names like Kanye West, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Twista, Da Brat, and more recently Chance The Rapper. But you need to make room for a few more, because Chicago is not done churning out some of the illest MC’s in the game. Are you looking for some more dope Chicago hip-hop? Search no more because J$20 is “On Da Way.”

J$20 The Presidential King

The Presidential King, also known as Jay-dub, bears a slight physical resemblance to Dr. Dre circa 1992, and he could just very well be Chicago’s incarnation of the hip-hop legend. Born on the west side of Chicago, Jay-dub spent some time acting, hustling and making music. But moving to the east side, brought him to B-Eazy and KnoDat Entertainment. J$20 brings dope beats as well as well delivered, crisp lyrical content.

On his tune “On Da Way”, his production, credited to JPhilly Beats, is extremely well done and thought out. It has all the tight-rolling snares, claps, analog square waves and all the other elements we have come to love about club-ready hip-hop. This is not just a club song with empty lyrics, however. “On Da Way” is a soon to be hood classic you can roll to as well.

The deep bass lends itself perfectly to jumping in your ride, plugging in your iPod, and cruising down Michigan Avenue. The chorus has some really nice layering of sounds that make you bob your head, try as you might to not. The hook gets a little lost in the musical production and the yelling over top can be a bit distracting. This is a pretty common practice though in hip-hop music these days. Anything lost in the chorus, however, is for sure made up for in lyrical delivery in the verses. J$20 drops classic lines like “Start the drama and I’ma kill your mama and smoke kush at her wake.” These are the kind of words that will remind you that J$20 means business.

“Getting money is the only rule” as he takes this music seriously and you can tell by his commitment to quality. After a powerful rhythmic verbal crescendo at the end of his verse, BKD delivers a second verse just as powerful. It’s obvious neither of these MC’s is going to let the other show him up. And once you reach the end of the track, you can’t help but hit repeat and do it all over again. KnoDat Entertainment has been really stepping up their game lately.

These men are releasing tracks with some next level production, as well as incredibly slick visuals. With a never ending roster of talent including one of my favorite rappers B-Eazy and now J$20, KnoDat Entertainment is soon to be a major player in the rap game in Chicago. Kno dat.

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