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Jack LittmanJack Littman. His name and persona just emit stardom. However, you may not have heard of him yet. He’s about to release a brand new FRESH album entitled The Ad.dress. We had the pleasure of connecting with him on our Facebook Live Broadcast recently and the rumors are true, Jack Littman is the real deal.

If you haven’t heard Jack’s new song “Home” then you should go do that now. Scroll down to the bottom of this article to watch the video. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

See? Good stuff right?!?! As we discuss in the broadcast interview below, my favorite part about the tune is how Jack makes us lust for the full out groove of the song. He never let’s us “have it completely” as he states in the interview, but that’s a good thing.

Jack explains in his interview that “Home” is about how music can connect and move people like no other thing we know in this world. When listening to “Home” I find myself enjoying the simplicity but also adding parts in my head that aren’t there. To me, that’s the beauty of the song, the spaces. The video is creatively produced, and guess what? It had no budget and was created by Jack and some friends for fun. Jack said it took tons of planning but no money.

Jack Littman – Indie Soul At Its Best

Jack is multi-faceted and not only an amazing singer/songwriter but also actor, producer & all around smooth talker. I only hung out with him in our virtual green room for his interview and have never met him in person, but Jack oozes cool. He’s also a socially conscious musician.

He prides himself on this and for good reason. In fact, the album cover for “The ad.dress” was made by at-risk children who are homeless or close to it. They will be credited with the artwork and get profiles on Jack’s website. Jack is extremely happy and proud to be working with The Children’s Lifesaving Foundation as he explains in the interview.

Jack Littman is one of the most unique artists we have had on the site to date. His music is soulful with some groove, but without all the fancy stuff that gets in the way. I am excited about the release of his new project “The Ad.dress” and YOU SHOULD BE TOO! SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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