Jack The Radio – Badman – Single Review

Jack The Radio

Jack The Radio…what can I say about them? As I stated in a recent podcast, “YES! YES! YES!” Seriously though, I am excited about this group! The single “Badman” off their new project Badlands starts out with harmonizing trumpets and I immediately thought…groove jazz? No, not at all! The “na na na na’s” kick in and it’s clear as day. This tune is as original as they come.

Formed in 2005 as a collaborative project between roommates, Jack the Radio is the brainchild of seasoned songwriters George Hage and A.C. Hill. Sporting a vast array of influences, I would venture to explain their music to someone by saying, “It’s just amazing.” Truly indie to the core with many stops along the way is another description I might use as well.

Jack The Radio

Jack The Radio had me fooled until I snooped around and listened to some of their other tunes. When I say “fooled”, I mean I was lead to believe they were an indie “rock” band but not so much. Based in Raleigh, NC I would go as far to say as they are “southern indie rock” because the southern rock and country influence can’t be denied. Either way, now I have them figured out. They are simply, a great band.

The tune “Badman” that can be played below sounds like an indie rock band, but with further listening I discovered other songs on their Soundcloud that didn’t sound anything like “Badman.” The country influence comes out more in some of their tunes, while the rock influence comes out more in others. The perfect blend. Southern rock? No. Country? Nope. Rock? Try again. It’s Jack The Radio!

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