Jake Henniger – Off The Ledge – Review

Jake Henniger“Off The Ledge” is the most recent single by Jake Henniger since the release of his self-titled debut album earlier this year. The song starts out with a “shucky” muted rhythm guitar that hints at the contemplative feeling of taking a risk, like jumping off a ledge. As the music slowly grows into more melodic guitar movements, the drums and bass finally kick in with an arrival point. This moment gives an uneasy mental feeling that makes the idea of falling or jumping off a ledge seem more seriously considered and tangible within the music. There is a nice use of counterpoint between the catchy bass lines and the guitar, which hooks the listener in while slowly adding new information. With each next piece of information that gets added, the listener feels more of a pull towards a sonic ledge, adding tension and release as the music moves closer and closer to the brink.

Jake Henniger – Off The Ledge

Jake Henniger creates ambient guitar textures that build into languid soundscapes. The original hint of the shucky rhythmic guitar from the intro comes back as a full-fledged instrumental “verse,” with a rock steady drumbeat that glues the song structure together. Although “Off The Ledge” is purely an instrumental song, the listener feels as though there is an actual conversation going on between the instruments.

Around the middle of the track the listener gets surprised with a quiet breakdown, giving the feeling of inertia and floating free of space and time. This may be the foil of reconsidering going off a ledge and thinking in a more positive light for a moment. After the breakdown the music quickly builds back up into an epic climax where the previous messages from the instruments are re-iterated with more tact and cohesiveness, adding a feeling of determination to the overall concept.

“Off The Ledge” feels like a sonic jigsaw puzzle that slowly and fluidly comes together to create one larger statement. The ending really drives home the idea of falling off a ledge when the music seems to come to a peaceful resolution and then the guitar rears its head back into the mix at its most intense. Everything suddenly stops and the final chord is left echoing with a pulse, as if something was falling further away down a gorge and crying into the void of oblivion until the listener hears nothing. Jim Morrison would feel at home reciting some poetry on top of this tune.

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