Jake Henniger – Spaced Out – Review

Jake Henniger - Spaced OutHailing from Largo, FL, Jake Henniger is a 21-year-old solo artist with a thriving passion for writing and playing his original instrumental music. Having received his first guitar at age ten in exchange for playing on a little league all-star baseball team, Henniger taught himself guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. After making the decision to put his music career on hold while getting a college diploma at University of Central Florida, Henniger released his debut single, “Off The Ledge,” back in March of 2018. His debut self-titled album came out soon after in April, and now Henniger is celebrating the release of his newest single, “Spaced – Out.”

Jake Henniger – Spaced Out

Henniger’s innate musical abilities are reflected in his music, all of which is written, performed, and recorded by him. The five-minute-long track, “Spaced – Out,” begins with a slow and rock steady drumbeat and chime-y octave harmonics on the electric guitar. A piano comes in with a pulsing rhythm that drives things forward and brings the energy up. Guitar and piano share a complementary interplay with one another, until the guitar rings out an arpeggiated guitar solo, building tension with the passionate longing reverberation of a live vocalist. Henniger starts low and relaxed, bringing up the heat quickly in a matter of tasteful and catchy leaps, adding in new information as the songs continues so the listener doesn’t get too bored.

“Spaced – Out” seems to have a definitive ending about halfway through, and then begins an entirely new alternative rock section combining elements of blues, R&B, and soul. Right as the energy really seems to pick up, things suddenly drop off with just the piano and echoes of the previous guitar sentiments left over, a beautiful ending that feels slightly too soon. It would help to either allow the climax to ring out for a bit longer or to reverse the order of the two song sections, so the ending can feel more distinct to the listener instead of just eventually fizzling out. Overall the production quality is good: very reverb-y and washy but fits the theme of ambient relaxation and atmospheric meditation.

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